Leaders Information

πŸ“’ Leaders, before booking please read through the following information thoroughly

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Download The Paperwork

Paperwork you must complete is available below

The booking details form must be sent to merseymoot@hotmail.com prior to the event

Before The Event

Booking Details

Every unit / group must complete the booking details form and return it to us before Moot. This form tells us who’s in your group and is vital in case of emergency. Please complete it and return it to us prior to the Moot weekend.

Health Forms

Everyone (including leaders) must complete a Health form All sections must be completed and the paper copies are to be handed in when booking in on Friday night at Moot Reception. Emailed forms will NOT be accepted. We do not accept the normal Scout/Guide Association forms.

Permission to Shoot Form

It must be signed by an adult for all under 18s to be able to take part in a shooting activity. These forms will be required to be shown when attending the activity. The competitions are aimed at people aged 14-25.

Vehicles & Car Parking

As car parking spaces and vehicle throughput are at a premium at Tawd Vale, you must bring as few vehicles as possible.
Car sharing is a must. This is the same with Sunday departure, car sharing for pick-up is a must.

Vehicles arriving from Burscough direction are advised to drive past and turn round at the roundabout and approach from Parbold direction and TURN LEFT INTO THE SITE.

Any moving vehicle on site must observe the 10-mph speed limit.

Please advise us if you are bringing any large vehicles (anything bigger than a minibus) that may require specific parking/drop-off/collection arrangements.

A parking permit form is available from the Moot Office and via the website (the link to the form is above) – this must be completed for all vehicles and displayed on the dashboard. Please ensure that you park sensibly and avoid blocking the roads for emergency vehicle access.

During The Event


If you’re the Unit / Group leader then:

  1. When you arrive at the Site then immediately check in at Moot Reception, where you will be allocated a campsite.
    Do not assume that you will be on the same site as last year or the site that you have requested.
    We will tell you if you are sharing a campsite, if so make sure you leave room for the other Unit / Group.
  2. Once you’ve set up camp, the leader must then proceed to the moot booking office and hand in all your completed Health Forms.
  3. The leader must attend the leaders meeting at 10.30p.m on Friday evening in the barn next to the top car park. Please ask for directions from reception if you're not sure.

Units may, by prior arrangement, set up camp on Thursday from 6:30 pm to 9pm, or from 9am Friday.
Leaders MUST report to TAWD reception to confirm their campsite prior to setting up – failure to do so may result in having to move to their designated campsite.
Moot Staff will also be on site from 6:30pm Thursday and from 4pm on Friday.


Please note that all activities are subject to change and availability. All activities are on a first come first served basis, the idea being that if there is a queue you can go and try something else. This year we will be having some trade stands that are selling goodies so don’t forget your cash/card.


No Tesco – Asda etc. deliveries between 6pm and 9pm on Friday, please ensure that there is someone to meet any delivery vehicles waiting by the reception.


You must ensure that you abide by your relevant organisations policy with regards to the consumption of alcohol. Please also refer to the Scouting Green Card scouting-and-alcohol-green-card.pdf

Fires, Litter & Recycling

Fires must not be lit on the ground, please use the fireplaces provided, there are a limited number available from the Wardens Office. Fires must be of a reasonable size and not be left unattended.
Please bring plenty of bin bags. Place the full bags in the large bins before leaving the site. Recycling is carried out by the waste collection company, there are separate bins for Glass. All bins are in the main car park. Ashes should be placed in the metal bins behind the Dockyard gate by the middle car park. Please do not drop any litter and please pick up any rubbish you see on the ground.
Consider bringing a water bottle in an attempt to reduce plastic waste, there are refill points around the campsite as well as in the main marquee.


The closing ceremony is at 3pm on the main field by the marquee. Please leave your site as you would wish to find it and have patience with us whilst people leave the site. As before – car sharing is mandatory please. All vehicles leaving the site are to turn left out of the gate. A mini roundabout after Β½ a mile will allow you to come back on yourself.

Mersey Moot Rules

All units / groups must have a Leader on site for the whole weekend.
This Leader will be held responsible for their unit / group's behaviour at all times.

In the event of a Leader not being able to be present for the whole weekend, a Leader from another unit MUST be asked to stand in. This must be agreed beforehand, and the substitute Leader should be known to those in their charge. This must be notified to the Booking Secretary prior to the weekend.

Each Unit / Group must have a Leader on site overnight with the appropriate camping qualification for their section.

Mersey Moot is for Explorer Scouts, Network, Ranger Guides, Young Leaders and Inspire members ONLY. Young people below the age of 14 must not camp overnight.

ALL campers must complete a Moot health form; this includes Leaders, Service Teams and Instructors.

These forms are to be handed to the Booking Secretary on arrival on Friday evening. (We do not accept the normal Scout/Guide Association forms) Leaders will be asked to sign a declaration when booking in, agreeing that their unit / group will abide by these rules. non-compliance with these rules may mean that the whole unit / group will be asked to leave the site.

Leaders Responsibility at the Moot

  • Look after your own unit / group.
  • Ensure that each Unit / Group member is aware of and stays within the Rules of the Moot.
  • Know the whereabouts of your Unit / Group from Midnight onwards.
  • Ensure all are back on their own site by 1.00 am.
  • You must ensure that you abide by your relevant organisations policy with regards to the consumption of alcohol. Please also refer to the Scouting Green Card or guide equivalent
  • Ensure that each member of your unit is issued and wears their event wristbands – and that the bands are visible on their wrists at all times.
    Please note that there are different wristbands for people over 18. Anyone found not wearing a wrist band, could result in them being asked to leave the campsite.
  • All visitors at the weekend should sign in on arrival and sign out on departure from site. Please ensure that any visitors must be off site by 6pm on the day of arrival.

Unit / Group Leader must attend the leaders meeting

Held Friday Evening at 10.30pm in the barn near the top car park

Competition Rules


A team of 6 people (one team per booking reference) can take part in the following competitions:

  • 6-a-side Football
  • 6-a-side Volleyball
  • 6-a-side Tug β€˜o’ War

One person per team must register in the marquee at 9am Saturday morning. Note – there are large queues so get there early!
There is a Β£2 fully refundable deposit per team, per event.


The events will take place:

  • Volleyball – Saturday a.m. Daffodil Field
  • Football Saturday p.m. Daffodil Field
  • Tug β€˜o’ War Saturday Daffodil Field
  • Supermooter – Sunday a.m. Back of Cub Field


In all cases the Referee’s decision is final.
Once all competitions have taken place, deposits can be re-claimed at the Moot Office.
If your team does not turn up for an event no refund will be given.

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