Merch for the 2024 Mersey Moot

Leaders can now pre-order Moot Merch (T-Shirts and Hoodies)

After booking tickets merch can be pre-ordered by your leader who will need the Moot Booking Reference and Email address

  • Some Important Info:
  • Pre-orders will close on Monday 22nd July 2024
  • Pre-orders will be available for collection from Moot reception when you check-in on the Friday
  • T-Shirts cost £7 (£9 if purchased at the moot) and hoodies cost £20
  • Hoodies can only be pre-ordered

2024 Mersey Moot T-Shirts

  • T-shirts cost £7 if ordered in advance for pick up when you arrive at Moot.
  • Pre-ordered T-Shirts will be screen printed, T-Shirts purchased on Saturday will be hand pressed vinyl.
  • You may purchase extra letters and numbers 50p a character on Saturday. e.g. to print your name or unit name on the back of the T-Shirt.
  • You can also order your T-Shirt on the Saturday at Moot. T-shirts cost £9 when ordered on the day and you will need to queue for them.

2024 Mersey Moot Hoodies

  • Hoodies are priced at £20 each
  • Hoodies can only be pre-ordered and will not be available for purchase on the Moot weekend.
  • Hoodies are 80% cotton, 20% polyester and a Light-to-mid weight fabric (280gsm)
  • We wont be printing letters on the hoodies